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Here Are More Tape User Tips From BuyTape.com

The “tearability” of duct tape is determined by the cotton mesh that is the tapes “backbone”. The denser the thread count in the mesh, the straighter the tape will tear.

Runners training for marathons use duct tape to help prevent blisters. Most apply it to their shoes, but some runners actually apply the tape directly to their feet!

Use narrow masking for masking curved or irregular shapes. Use wider tapes when you need a straight line.

Don’t stretch masking tape when you apply it. Later on, it may creep.

When applying masking tape before painting, press the edges down with your finger so paint won’t leak underneath. If you plan to remove tape after a short time, create a small non-sticky tab by doubling a short length back onto itself.

If you want to insure clean removal of masking tape, make sure the temperature is above 60 degrees.

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