A Note About Permacel 665

It is now Shurtape P-665

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A note about Permacel Tape Products permacel 665 changes to shurtape 665


In 2005 the rights to manufacture Permacel Tapes were sold to Shurtape, a tape manufacturer located in Hickory, NC. For the last two years, all Permacel Arts & Entertainment tapes has been manufactured by Shurtape, even though they were sold under the Permacel name.

Effective spring 2007, Shurtape is retiring the Permacel name for the 665, 724 and Professional Grade tape products. These products will now be sold under the Shurtape name.

This tape, long considered the best quality utility grade gaffers tape on the market, will continue to be made to the same high standards and adhesive formulas as Permacel branded products. They will still ship in the familiar red and white box. While still called 665 gaffers tape, 724 paper label tape or Professional Grade gaffers tape, they will no longer carry the Permacel name.

We are confident that Shurtape will continue to uphold the brand value that has always been associated with these great products.

You can be confident that any product you get from us will always have our satisfaction guaranteed promise.

Other Shurtape 665 info:
Click here for Shurtape 665 EU Environmental and Safety Message



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We offer 3 excellent brands of gaffers tape including Permacel 665 Permacel Pro grade and Pro Gaffer

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